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This Privacy Statement explains the use and protection of personal information collected by Workflow Softwares. It applies to any personal information you provide to Workflow Softwares and, subject to local law, any personal information we collect from other sources.

  • When you use our services, you're trusting us with your information. We understand this is a big responsibility and work hard to protect your information.
  • Workflow Softwares is committed to the protection of your data in accordance with principles set out in the privacy laws of the different countries in which we operate.
  • This policy is applicable to all our services and covers the data collection, usage and sharing practices among Workflow Softwares and its affiliates.

You consent to the data collection, use, disclosure and storage practices described in this privacy policy when you use any of our web-based services, including when you access any content or videos on our websites or services.

Information Collected:

When you visit our websites, we may collect, use, store, and disclose information about you which may constitute personal data (including sensitive personal data) under the various government laws and regulations where Workflow Softwares operates.

Workflow Softwares collects this personal information in many ways, such as through websites, emails, hard copy documents provided, telephone conversations, person-to-person interactions, various industry sources, registration sites, etc.

We use your personally identifiable information to provide you with the information or content that you have requested and, in some cases, to contact you about Workflow Softwares programs, products, features or services.

How we use your data:

  • Provide information and services as requested by you
  • Assess queries, requirements, and process requests for products and services
  • Assess web site performance and usage analysis
  • Perform client communication, service, billing and administration

Your use of this website indicates to us that you have read and accept our privacy practices, as outlined in this privacy statement. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy statement, please contact our Customer Service on: [email protected]